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Hot Tent Camping - ASMR, Nature, Calming

This ASMR hot tent camping video was never meant to be a stand-alone video. When I arrived at the location, I wanted to camp. I didn't really have any ambition to film. Or, to put it another way, I didn't feel like communicating what I was doing. I really just wanted to enjoy the calming sounds of nature and set up my camp. I also wanted to relax and enjoy my time with my buddy Gary. I filmed these camping scenes with the mindset that I may refer back to them later once I really start filming a video. After going through the footage, I found that it had a very calming ASMR-like appeal, and I was enjoying watching it back. No talking, just go through the motions of setting up my camp. So I thought you might find it calming and enjoyable as well. #Camping #HotTent #Hottentcamping #ASMR #Nature #calming 

ASMR - autonomous sensory meridian response

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