Frequently Asked Questions

Where did I get my Wool Hoodie?

The wool hoodie I wear with the tan stripes, was made by me from a Belgium Military Wool blanket. I do

not and will not make these for sale. You can find a very similar hoodie by Clicking Here

What knife do I use?

The knife I carry is the WCSK made by William Collins you can check out his website by Clicking Here

What is the name of the song you use at the end of the videos?

What is the name of the song you use at the end of the videos?

What drone do you use?

I am currently using the Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller Click Here for Amazon Link

What Editing Software do you use?

For Video Editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro and for Photo Editing and use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Do you live out of your setup or do you have a house?

I live full time out of my van and Drifter Trailer

Now that you have the van are you getting rid of the Ford F250 and the Drifter Trailer?

No to both, I am going to keep the Ford F250 as spare vehicle in case the van goes down for any reason. The Drifter trailer is getting 

re-purposed into what I am calling a "Chuck Wagon" I will be using doing a video shortly to explain.

What do you do for a living?

Making YouTube Content is what I do for my living. I rely on Adsense, Sponsors and Patreon for my income. If you really like my 

content and want to help support the creation please consider donating through Patreon or clicking on the How to Support Link above 

for other options.

Where do you get your music

I am currently getting my music from but I have also used Epidemic Sound in the past check the video description to

see what songs came from where. Unfortunately, I don't have time to look up exact names of the songs that I have used.

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