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Winter Camping - High Winds and Snow

The snow is finally falling in the Cascade Mountains, so I headed up for some Winter Camping. When I reached my location there were Extreme high winds and snow. I love the snow, but the wind chill can make camp setup very difficult. My fingers were freezing making me fumble around more than usual and the high winds were making it very difficult to get the awning deployed. Once my winter camping set up was complete. I was able to warm myself by the glowing fire. Which I would use to cook my evening meal. Campfire cooking is one of the joys of winter camping. For a bit of holiday cheer I brought my old light up snowman that I have had since I was young kid. The light from snowman was also a welcome comfort. After dinner it was glass of whiskey by the fire and then off to bed. The Next morning we were greeting with a beautiful winter scene full of snow. The wind was still blowing high in the trees but it was comfortable by the campfire. I pulled the cast iron skillet out and cooked a hearty breakfast and sat enjoyed a few cups of hot coffee by the fire.


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