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Van Life - Coping with High Fuel Prices

With the increasing rise in fuel prices living the van life is getting more and more expensive. My plan for dealing with high cost of fuel is to stay in one location for longer periods. I will set the van up for multi day camps and explore the nearby area by hiking and riding my new E-Bike from Snapcycle. I have a few logistics to figure out, but I think this will be the best way to continue to enjoy living in my van and save on fuel at the same time. My first long term camp finds me waking up on the first morning to a lovely snow storm. It was a calm day with little wind so the gently falling snow was a very pleasant surprise. I went about setting up my camp for a few day stay. Which includes firing up the chainsaw and stacking in enough wood for my stay. The day ended with some afternoon clearing and I enjoyed a beautiful sunset while I sipped on some Woodinville Bourbon Whisky and sat by a warm fire.


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