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Van Life - Broke My New Snapcycle E-Bike

I brought a new E-Bike from Snapcycle out on a multi-day adventure. This E-Bike was brand new to me so I was hoping to get a chance to put it through its paces. I have a lot of future plans for this E-bike so it was important to me start using it exactly how I envisioned it would work. I want to be able to cut my fuel expenses by camping in one location longer but still be able to explore the surrounding area from the Snapcycle e-bike. While out on my first ride I tried to hop a small log that was crossing the trail, the front sprocket came down on the log and broke the plastic guard and bent the sprocket. I was able to field repair the sprocket and I did have a good time with the E-Bike the rest of my trip. I will be looking for an option to upgrade the front sprocket to a more durable setup. Even though I did have a issue with the E-Bike I did have a great few days living the van life out on the national forest. The weather was gorgeous the second day. I got out and enjoyed short hike with my elderly retriever and had a very pleasant evening by the fire as the sky lit up in brilliant colors.

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