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Snow in April - Fire and Devastation - Real Van Life

In this episode we are show real van life, the ups, downs and snow. We arrived in an area of forest land that had been devastated by fire last year. We woke up to a late spring April snow storm. The wind blew hard all through the first day so we stayed cuddled up in our vans warm and cosy while getting some much needed work done. The Winter like snow storm continued into the night so Meagan and I enjoyed some Woodinville Whiskey while playing a few games of cards. Next day was much calmer and very beautiful with the freshly fallen snow. After a few hot cups of Primal Outdoors Coffee I headed out into the burnt forest to explore on the Snapcycle E-Bike. The ride turned out to be quite adventurous. I was having a great time until I found a herd of cattle the had been burned alive in forest fire.


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