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Redarc Manager 30 Installation

In this video we upgrade Meagan's dual battery system with a Redarc Manager 30. The Redarc Manager 30 gives you the capability to charge your house battery via your alternator, shore power and solar. It manages the the power coming in from all 3 sources to give the max capability of the charger which is 30 amps. The Manager 30 also gives you the ability to monitor the health your system through either the Manager 30 standard display or through the new Redvision Display. See below for links to the Redarc Manager 30 and tools that I used in the installation.

This video from Redarc shows how to install the Redvision system.

Redarc is proud supporter of the Primal Outdoors channel by using this link you will be supporting the creation of my content


Here are a list of tools I own for doing DC electrical work


This is by no means comprehensive list but here are a few accessories you may want to consider when installing house battery system

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John LaFosse
John LaFosse
Oct 21, 2022

I’m interested in installing the same system. I was wondering if you could discuss temperature management during the winter months. My concern is my water tanks freezing when I’m away from the camper. Could I trigger the heater to run once the cabin temp falls below a certain level? Does the app have scripting functionality?

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