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Alvord Desert to Owyhee Overland Route Day 5 - Minor Field Repair

We start out Day 5 of the Alvord Desert to Owyhee Overland Route with extremely windy but unseasonably warm conditions. With the river nearby and the warmer than usual conditions I decide to take advantage of my external shower system and get cleaned up. Living in my van I don't always have the option of regular showers so I take every opportunity that presents itself. After my shower I cook a breakfast for both Donald (Soft Roading the West) and I. Eggs and Polenta covered in a country gravy made with venison breakfast sausage. As we prepared to get on our way Donald noticed he had blown a fuse, which was affecting his ability to charge his Jackery and use his on board communications. It was minor field repair once he figured out what fuse he had blown. Todays travels were taking us to an old Jasper mine, and on the way there while shifting from four wheel high to four wheel low I pulled the shift lever right out the floor of the van. So I found myself also having to do a minor field repair once we arrived at the Jasper mine. With my minor field repair complete I started exploring the mine site. There were two old shacks and a 66 International Scout at the mine, all in pretty rough shape. I was able to find a blog from Eugene Mueller (linked below) with quite of few tidbits of his time mining this site.


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