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Alvord Desert to Owyhee Overland Route Day 4 - Ranch Life

On Day 4 of our Alvord Desert to Owyhee Overland route Donald (Soft Roading the West) and I get up early to sit along the Desert Oasis and watch for wildlife as the sun comes up. I manage to catch some footage of Coyote that sneaks in behind me. We then continues the Overland route and drive alongside a large lava flow called Jordan Craters, which brings to another old rock structure used by the early basque settlers. From their we travel down a steep grade into the Owyhee River Canyon to Birch Creek Ranch. I discuss a little about the life of the ranch owner that founded the ranch, while I walk around and explore the many ranch out buildings. Ranch Life would not have been easy this far from civilization but I as walked around I found myself dreaming about the ranch life.


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