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Alvord Desert to Owyhee Overland Route Day 3 - Making a Life in a Desert Oasis

Day 3 of the Alvord Desert to Owyhee Overland Route finds Donald (Soft Roading the West) and I waking up to a very foggy Morning. When Donald and I planned this route we mapped a rough route for us to follow starting from the Alvord Desert taking us to the Owyhee River Canyon and following it up and coming out somewhere around Vale Oregon. Along the route we had also marked some waypoints to some points of interest we would like to check out along the way. Day 3 we had intended to go to a small lake called Batch lake which is near Jordan Craters. As we started out we came upon road that showed to be a dead end with spring at the end on the map. Our curiosity got the best of us and we decided we should check it out. It turned out to be a great decision. When we got to the end of the road there was a beautiful oasis and the ruins of rock structures built by early settlers. This turned to be a treasure from an exploratory stand point. I love to walk around old ruins like this and try to determine how these settlers made a life out in remote desert area like this. What would it have been like to make a life in a desert oasis?

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