Pop Up Pit

by Fireside

The Pop Up Pit portable fire pit by Fireside is the best camping stove that I used while out camping and overlanding. I have a Solo Stove Bonfire and its just to big and bulky to haul in my van. The Solo Stove Bonfire also does not disperse heat very well. The pop up pit by Fireside packs up small, and it's easy to set up. The pop up fire pit is big enough to use large pieces of wood, which makes it suitable for winter camping. The Solo Stove Bonfire is limited to smaller pieces of wood. The Pop Up Pit can not be used during burn ban and it is also not smokeless.

The Primal Outdoors channel is not affiliated with Fireside in anyway, I just really like the pit and I think you will too. I have provided links to Amazon, if you decide you would like to order one, I will make a few pennies on the purchase through Amazon.